What is circular economy for plastic packaging?

Consumers buy products

Consumers dispose of packaging
in recycling bins

Waste collectors separate and send to recyclers

Recyclers deliver
recycled resin

Logoplaste produces bottles with recycled material

Food grade chemically recycled plastic

A step towards circularity

Logoplaste joins Lactalis Nestlé and Repsol Reciclex® to deliver sustainable packaging with advanced materials.

Case Study

Repsol Reciclex® is a chemically recycled resin that gives a new life to plastic waste that could not be mechanically recycled. The end result is high quality, food grade content for the demanding dairy industry, with ISCC PLUS certification that ensures their traceability.

Lactalis Nestlé is a pioneer in using this type of material for chilled dairy products. This initiative constitutes an additional step towards the circularity of food contact packaging.

As the three companies come together, the Nestlé Kefir and Yoggi bottles for Iberia, produced at Logoplaste, contain a percentage of recycled material.

It is great to work together towards a common objective: reducing CO2 emissions by enabling the circularity of plastics.


One person’s trash, is another person’s treasure

Creating value, eliminating waste and reducing CO2 emissions.

Case Study

One year after incorporating Ecoiberia into the Logoplaste Group, the results are exactly what was expected: symbiotic growth, delivering added value know-how and “content” to our clients.

Ecoiberia is a leader in recycled PET flakes and pellets.  Their expertise in transforming post-consumer plastic bales into food grade recycled flakes and pellets has added new technical skills to Logoplaste’s packaging production using recycled content.

Apart from producing high quality bottles with recycled content, having Ecoiberia as part of the group, ensures a secure supply of recycled raw materials. Logoplaste and its partners are committed to reach their packaging recyclability and recycled content incorporation targets by 2025.

Ecoibéria sorts, grinds, and washes 59,500 of post-consumer plastic a year, transforming it into raw material for the entire plastics industry.

“This natural step reinforces our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging we produce. We believe that plastic packaging plays an essential role in the reduction of CO2 emissions, as long as it is designed and produced to be a perfect fit for circularity. Due to our wall to wall business model, Logoplaste is a market leader with minimum CO2 emissions per bottle produced. We will continue to work to consolidate our leadership and help our partners reach their sustainability goals.”
Gerardo Chiaia
Logoplaste’s CEO

Key objetives

Reinforce recycling capabilities as well as material science to master incorporation of recycled content into packaging, maintaining high levels of efficiency and performance.

Better serve Logoplaste’s partners both at a technical level as well as in achieving sustainable goals and targets.

Improve Logoplaste’s competitive advantage & the Group’s commitment to its Sustainability Pillars.

Allow Logoplaste to be part of the plastic recycling ecosystem, present in key regulation debates to drive circularity improvements.

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