It is up to Logoplaste to provide an extraordinary experience for all

Attitude, motivation & drive

A key priority is to create an environment that is engaging, inclusive and promotes growth.

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The success of our employees is the basis for our own. Without a strong foundation, based on motivated and united colleagues, not much can be accomplished.

Nurturing careers

Taking care of our team, means keeping them safe, happy and empowered.

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Delivering sustainable, high quality and innovative packaging requires dedication, skill, attention to detail and commitment. This can only be achieved in a work environment that is welcoming, with a leadership team that always puts people first, going beyond good people skills and caring about the individual.

Our teams deliver the top-notch packaging

Want to know how they do this?
Since the first contact, Logoplaste has a well defined plan for each person:

  • Attract top talent – from industry and market segments
  • Matchmaking – hire the right attitude: people who care communicate – increased presence on digital and social platforms
  • Hiring Managers – train and empower so they recognize the perfect fit
  • Equal opportunities – internally and externally, driven by diversity & inclusion
  • Showcasing – who we are: visionaries, innovative and sustainable

“We scout for talent and hire on attitude.”

  • The wow factor – constant improvement of new hire journey and experience
  • Never let go – starting with day 1: induction on the first day, orientation during the first week and completing onboarding until the new employee is fully settled in the new role
  • Culture imprint – corporate values, company purpose and objectives, knowledge sharing, networking, processes & procedures compliance, and having fun

“The goal is to transform new hires into confident, engaged, pro-active employees.”

  • Logoplaste Leadership Academy - leadership capabilities training
  • Training Matrix – focused on operational positions
  • Information Security Policies & Procedures
  • Tailored courses for specific skills and competences

“Knowledge is power”

Achieve, Logoplaste individual performance management online system, allows for a transparent performance evaluation. Objectives are set, based on clear and agreed upon goals and aligned with company’s goals, there is a mid-year evaluation, an employee self-assessment and a final manager review.

ACHIEVE is an ongoing and continuous process of check-in conversations, communicating and clarifying responsibilities, priorities and performance expectations in order to ensure mutual understanding between manager and employee.  It is a process that values and encourages employee development through a style of management which provides frequent feedback and promotes teamwork.

“Aligning personal expectations with company objectives is key for a successful employee/employer relations.”

Pay & Benefits – Logoplaste ensures that compensation and benefits are compliant with each country’s regulations

    • Compensation practices are reviewed annually by an external entity
    • Benchmarking is performed to understand internal equity and external competitiveness
    • Global Guidelines and Policies to ensure we are compliant with labor and wages regulations across all countries, never compromising fair treatment of our employees.


As in any company, compensation pays an important role when it comes to employee engagement

“External Benchmark and Performance Management help drive pay for merit approach.”

We believe a positive Employee Experience at Logoplaste is critical to achieve more engaged employees and team engagement.

The Employee Engagement Survey, aka Engage,  is a way to collect employee’s honest, anonymous, feedback. A way for Logoplaste to “listen” to the employees thoughts and feelings about their experience in the company.

“Feedback from the teams is essential for continuous improvement and engagement.”

Giving back to our local communities

True social responsibility shows up every day and never wavers

Part of our values, our modus operandi, is to blend with the local communities where we operate. This means reaching out to help in any way we can.
The most obvious is job opportunities, offered to anyone looking for a chance to build their career with Logoplaste.

Another way to engage with local communities comes from plant, or even individual initiatives. Seeing how we, as company, come together to help those around us is always a source of great pride.

From college to Logoplaste

Logoplaste Lima was invited by Allen County to participate in the University of Northwestern Ohio Career Fair.

Danny Higgs was happy with results: "70 companies were present to meet & greet graduating students and the general public. This hiring event helps to fulfill the local workforce gap. It also helps to strengthen the ties with local communities."

Eye catcher

Logoplaste Tabler Station's HR Team participated in a job fair to not only attract candidates but also showcase Logoplaste.

The key to a success presence is based on a combination several things:

  • Branding - unified image (design) & consistency (across all pieces be it paper, merchandising, banners)
  • Catchy message - usually known as eye grabbers, so you stand out
  • An amazing team - explaining, answering questions and creating a connection with candidates so they want to work of us

Meet Keith

Biking for a good cause.

Keith Middleditch, from Logoplaste Thurrock, went for bike ride. He biked for 100 miles, starting in London and going through Essex to finish back in London at Tower Bridge, to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

School supplies

Ready to learn you’re a, b, c,…

As the new school year began the Kansas City plant organized a fundraiser to buy school supplies.

Steven Mayer is proud of his team. For the Kansas City team, supporting the local community is very important.

Happy Holidays

Presents under the Christmas tree.

The Logoplaste Minster team engaged in holiday activities to support the local community. The team and their families, bough presents so that 28 kids had a little something under the tree.

Minster partnered with a local program called Angel Tree, that works with the local schools through St. Augustine/ St. Joseph church for families who need a little help keeping the Christmas spirit alive for the kids.

20 year supporting CADIn

Giving back at the corporate level

Individual Logoplaste locations and employees give back to their communities in many different ways. At a corporate level, we focus our efforts on improving the lives of children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders through healthcare, therapy, and social integration.

Find out what CADIn is all about

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