Ethics & Integrity

Ethics & Integrity are mirrored in all that we do


Ethics & Integrity is a material topic, resulting from our last Materiality Survey. This does not come as a surprise as these two characteristics are the cornerstones for Logoplaste’s values, purpose, and conduct.


The way we lead our business, be it in negotiations, team management and motivation, interactions with our business partners, liaising with our clients, dealing with suppliers, reporting to our Board, Logoplaste has only one face, one side, one course of action, and it is anchored in transparency, respect, justice and fairness.


Logoplaste’s purpose guides our daily efforts. It is rooted in our past while, at the same time, it clarifies our priorities. It is timeless and unselfish, serving those around us, be it our team, our clients, our communities, our business partners. It shows how we create packaging that is meticulously planned and executed, delivered in a way that it reduces CO2 emissions and is a clear fit for circular economy.

Our corporate values.
Shape our actions, attitudes, behaviors and our decisions.

Team empowerment and voice. At Logoplaste we are all heroes.

Guide to what is expected from employees and from the company.

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Anti-bribery & Anticorruption

We are all different and we are all unique, there are no 2 people alike.
This is our strength

  • Employee Grievance Policies Policy
  • Speak Up channel
  • Ask the CEO

Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anticorruption are part of routine.

People always come first.
This is non-negotiable for us. But it’s not just about keeping everyone out of harm’s way, it’s more than that:

  • Ensuring safety in our premises
  • Training our teams on how to perform tasks in a safe manner
  • 360º reporting & improving, finding new solutions to old routines
  • Wellbeing & Mental Health initiatives for all employees
  • Cyber security policies to protect employee as well as business information
  • Data privacy and confidentiality are key for a relationship based on trust

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and we only work with those that share the same values and principles.

Logoplaste has a Sustainable Procurement Policy and a Supplier Code of Conduct, that show our suppliers what is expected of them, when conducting business: integrity, transparency and respect for universal human & labor rights, as well as for the environment.

We also take pride in helping to create a social and environmentally sustainable supply chain. This requires effort, commitment, and change, from all parties. It is our duty to help our suppliers reach this ambitious goal, by improving their results and way of doing business. To make things easy, we have developed a Supplier Guidance to support our suppliers in aligning their objectives with ours.

With all local as well as international laws and regulations.

Attitude, motivation and drive

We have prepared a movie about attitude, motivation and drive, even when all odds are against you.

It's actually about Logoplaste’s spirit, our culture, but our main star is Alex.

Alex Santos, Logoplaste Innovation Lab, Cascais

Open doors, zero dead ends

Where you start doesn’t define where you go at Logoplaste. A large percentage of our leadership started on the plant floor. Because we’re growing in every sector we serve, there are constant opportunities for you to advance.

I started off as a factory temp eight years ago. Now I’m a Plant Manager, leading a team of 35.

Terry Wingate, Logoplaste Plainfield, USA

The sky is the limit

If you’re hungry to learn and want to build a career in manufacturing, we’ll keep you fed with training, challenges, and opportunities. If you want it, you can do it at Logoplaste.

I moved from Mexico to help start up a plant in the USA. I worked with new equipment, learned English, and started a new life. 

Diego Vaca, Logoplaste Innovation Lab, USA

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