HR metrics

Looking at our HR KPIs gives us a clear picture of where we stand

Headcount increased by 3%, with 2 584 employees in 2022 vs. 2 507 in 2021. This increase was mainly in Europe & Asia Pacific (71 out of 77 employees), and mainly in Portugal with the acquisition of the recycling plants, EcoIbéria and WorldPET.

Distribution of Logoplaste’s employee population continues to be balanced between The Americas (47.4%) and Europe & Asia Pacific (52.6%).

Total number of employees by region and gender

Region Female Male Total %
Americas 283 941 1224 47.4%
Europe & AP 320 1040 1360 52.6%
Grand Total 603 1981 2584 100.0%

Note: only Logoplaste Employees, excludes agency staff.

Total number of employees by country and gender

Total number of employees by contract type and gender

Contract Type Female Male Total %
Fixed Term 36 67 103 4,0%
Permanent 567 1914 2481 96,0%
Agency Staff     176,6  
Grand Total 603 1981 2584 100,0%

*Temporary (average agency staff in 2022) only Logoplaste Employees, excluding agency staff

Total number of employees by region and contract type

Region Fixed Term Permanent Total
Americas 3 1221 1224
Europe & AP 100 1260 1360
Grand Total 103 2481 2584

Total number of employees by country and contract type


Total number of employees by employment type and gender

Employment Type Female Male Total %
Full-Time 594 1968 2562 99.1%
Part-Time 9 13 22 0.9%
Grand Total 603 1981 2584 100.0%




There are no significant changes in gender ratio and employment contract type ratio, when compared to 2021.

96% of our workforce has a permanent contract and fulltime employees continue to represent 99% of the workforce employment type. Increase of 26 FTE’s in agency staff when compared to 2021.

These numbers demonstrate that Logoplaste is a good place to work, where long term relationships are valued. This is part of the secret to our success, where employment duration and signed contracts are a mark of your commitment to our team and vice-versa.

Number and percentage of employees by gender, per employee category

Employee Category Female Male Total %
Operational & Technical 359 1258 1617 62.6%
Clerical & Office 53 18 71 2.7%
Professional 117 280 397 15.4%
Supervisory & Managerial 64 378 442 17.1%
Senior Management 7 35 42 1.6%
Executive 3 12 15 0.6%
Total Employees 603 1981 2584 100%


  Female Male
Ratio in Executive & Senior Management positions* 0.4% 1.8%
Ratio in Executive & Senior Management positions** 17.5% 82.5%

*of Total headcount
**of Total Senior Management & Executive Positions

No significant change in these categories. The ratio of women represented 23.3% of the total workforce in 2022. Decrease in ratio male/female in Executive & Senior Management from 20.8% females in 2021 to 17.5% in 2022.

Number of employees by age category, gender, per employee category

  Between 18 & 30 y Between 31 & 40 y Between 41 & 50 y Between 51 & 60 y More than 61 y  
Employee Category Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Total 
Operational & Technical 80 297 117 371 100 316 53 220 9 54 1617
Clerical & Office 8 8 21 6 15 3 7   2 1 71
Professional 14 40 51 90 35 95 17 46   9 397
Supervisory & Managerial 6 25 20 95 24 146 9 88 5 24 442
Senior Management     3 2 3 17 1 15   1 42
Executive     1 1 1 5   6 1   15
Total 108 370 213 565 178 582 87 375 17 89 2584
% 4.2% 14.3% 8.2% 21.9% 6.9% 22.5% 3.4% 14.5% 0.7% 3.4% 100.0%
Average age

Average age

Years old

Average tenure

Average tenure

Years of service

Our average age is 42, equivalent to an experienced team. Average tenure is 7 years of service.


At Logoplaste we “shape” young talent today, so it becomes great talent tomorrow.

Case Study

In 2022 we welcomed Mafalda and Rui our INOV CONTACTO trainees, who will work at Logoplaste Elst, Netherlands, and Logoplaste Pomezia, Italy.

Looking to expand their knowledge and experience, Mafalda and Rui will be part of the Digital Operating System Project Team, learning and helping, with a very hands-on approach.

Logoplaste has been hosting INOV CONTACTO trainees for 25 years, with a total of 62 people going through the program.

As stated in our Code of Conduct, Logoplaste respects the freedom of association, recognizes the right to collective bargaining, providing parallel resources for free and independent association and ensures that union members and representatives of workers are not subject to discrimination, and that such representatives have reasonable access to their members in the workplace.

Collective agreements by country and number of employees covered

Country Number of Employees  Collective Agreement Detail
Belgium 15 Commission Paritaire De L'Industrie Chimique (116) & Commission paritaire pour employés de l'industrie chimique (207)
Brazil 404 Convenção Coletiva dos Trabalhadores das Indústrias Químicas e Farmacêuticas
France 75 Convention Collective Nationale de la Plasturgie
Italy 34 Contratto Collettivo Nazionale Di Lavoro Industria Chimica
Portugal 387 Contrato Coletivo de Trabalho (CCT) do Setor Químico
Spain 67 Convenio Colectivo General De La Industria Química
Grand Total 982 38.0%
Total Employees 2584  

Keeping an engaged team in a competitive market

Turnover by region

Region Number of Leavers Turnover %
Americas 498 19.5%
Europe & AP 248 9.7%
Grand Total 746 29.3%

Note: Turnover % is calculated by the number of leavers during 2022, divided by the average headcount during the same period


Turnover by age group and gender

Age group Female Male Total Turnover %
Less than 18 yrs 0 0 0 0.0%
Between 18 & 30 yrs 64 173 237 9.3%
Between 31 & 40 yrs 53 179 232 9.1%
Between 41 & 50 yrs 43 105 148 5.8%
Between 51 & 60 yrs 27 75 102 4.0%
More than 61 yrs 9 18 27 1.1%
Grand Total 196 550 746 29.3%


Turnover was 29.3% in 2022, higher when compared with 2021.

The region with the highest turnover is the Americas, USA 46% and Brazil 26%.

The trend of year-on-year high turnover has been observed in the past 2 years. This is due to job market development, with increasing competition for talent, in all market segments and increase in the cost of life.

Salary and benefits, more than job profile and career path, play a decisive role in the decision making process, where potential candidates tend to focus on mostly on compensation.

The age range 18 to 40 houses the highest turnover, 18.4%. Seen through a different perspective, this is the age group with the highest hiring rate, 21.4%, especially in Operations.

New hires by region

Region Number of New Hires New Hires %
Americas 517 20.3%
Europe & AP 274 10.7%
Grand Total 791 31.0%

Note: New Hires % is the calculation of number of starters during 2022, divided by the average headcount during the same period

New hires by age group and gender

Age group Female Male Total New Hires %
Less than 18 y 0 0 0 0.0%
Between 18 & 30 y 76 237 313 12.3%
Between 31 & 40 y 57 176 233 9.1%
Between 41 & 50 y 40 106 146 5.7%
Between 51 & 60 y 27 52 79 3.1%
More than 61 y 5 15 20 0.8%
Total 205 586 791 31.0%

Note: New Hires % is the calculation of number of starters during 2022, divided by the average headcount during the same period

The number of new hires increased by 144 (22%) when compared to 2021. There was also an increase in the hiring of women by 1.5%.

As mentioned, greater hiring rates are within age range 18–40. Countries with higher new hires % are USA and Brazil.

When we look at new hires versus turnover, our pattern continues to be aligned with our industry peers. Job opportunities are abundant and candidates, with specific skillsets, are few.

Plastic packaging is a competitive market for top talent people, especially in the Americas, with higher turnover and hiring rates.

Constantly learning


Everyone at Logoplaste is a learner and a teacher - it’s baked into who we are. The pace of innovation in our industry means every day is filled with new things to master. As you grow, we’ll be there for you with training, coaching, and opportunities for professional development.

Every year we invest in Training & Development, aligning with our business priorities and growth.


Internal and external training hours, by region

Region Internal (h) External (h) Total (h) % Total
Americas 41 956 5 947 47 903 77.2%
Europe & AP 6 848 7 268 14 117 22.8%
Grand Total 48 804 13 215 62 019 100.0%
  78.7% 21.3%    

In 2022 our teams completed a total of 62 019 hours of training, with an average of 24.3 hours training per employee. This represents an increase of 5000h of internal training, when compared to 2021.

Training on the job, knowledge sharing, online and face to face, coaching and mentoring, are some of the learning opportunities that are available for our employees.

Our Performance Management System not only outlines the agreed annual objectives but also identifies learning and development activities to enable employee’s personal growth in current role and prepare them for future challenges.

Shaping careers has no boundaries

The sky is the limit

Personal development at Logoplaste is up to each individual. If someone is ready to learn and wants to build a career in manufacturing, Logoplaste will provide training, challenges, and opportunities.

The freedom of movement plus our continued effort to improve employee experiences, shared knowledge, and career development is key to maintain our talent pool.


35 Internal transfers

Inside Country

Inside Country

Between Countries

Between Countries

Keeping record, so you can be on track

Achieve, Performance Management System, is a fundamental process for Logoplaste. It is a key element for our employee’s growth and development. Ongoing processes include check-in conversations, communicating and clarifying responsibilities, priorities and performance expectations, to ensure mutual understanding between manager and employee.

Achieve has 4 main stages
1 - Performance expectations setting
2 - Mid year review
3 - Employee self assessment
4 - Year end evaluation

Achieve by region

Region Achieve (%)
Americas 80.1%
Europe & AP 63.2%
Grand Total 71.2%



71.2% of our global workforce has completed their performance management assessment. When compared to 56.9% in 2021, the numbers have improved %.

Everyone has a voice. And it is heard…

Logoplaste SpeakUp Channel is an important channel for our teams to raise concerns that may not be easily resolved through other means, or face-to-face.

In 2022, Logoplaste promoted this whistleblowing platform through our internal channels, reminding employees that it is here for their wellbeing. The platform is accessible to all, in all countries and languages, through various means (phone, email, website), all the information is confidential and can be anonymous. Giving privacy to our teams is key to us.

28 concerns and enquiries were reported in 2022 (12 more than in 2021). These numbers indicate a trust employees have in the channel, using it for a wider range of topics than it is intended.  The most frequent concerns are related to “employee relations” (35.7%), followed by “discrimination”, “wage/hour issues” and “workplace violence/threats”, all weighing 14.3%.

Case closing time average went up to 79 days, due to the complexity of some incidents and Logoplaste’s strict adherence to follow procedures and protocol.  Although this KPI may seem high, it is an indicator of the HR Teams’ focus on this whistleblowing channel.

There is difficulty in investigating anonymous incidents. Logoplaste follows through and asks for more details, but anonymous whistleblowers rarely log in a second time to respond and help conclude the process. This tells us that, sometimes, the filled complaint may have been a spur of the moment, with high degree of emotion versus rationality, and once reported, the employee felt no need to follow-up. 

Incidents reported through SpeakUp Channel

  Cases closed Cases open Total cases %
Accounting/Audit Irregularities        
Conflicts of Interest        
Customer Relations        
Discrimination 4   4 14.3%
Employee Relations 10   10 35.7%
Falsification of Company Records 1   1 3.6%
Fraudulent Insurance Claims        
Improper Loans to Executive        
Insider Trading        
Policy Issues 3   3 10.7%
Product Quality Concern        
Release of Proprietary information        
Retaliation of Whistleblowers        
Safety Issues and Sanitation 1   1 3.6%
Sexual Harassment 1   1 3.6%
Substance Abuse        
Theft of Cash        
Theft of Goods/Services        
Theft of Time        
Wage/Hour Issues 4   4 14.3%
Workplace Violence/Threats 4   4 14.3%
Grand Total 28   28 100%

Employee Engagement Survey (EES)

Listening to what our team has to say is the only way to evaluate and measure how we are doing.

Case Study

Confidential and anonymous, these surveys cover a broad set of topics, giving top management a clear vision of what needs to be done. Most importantly, these surveys give every employee a way to express their views and help shape Logoplaste into a better company.

Read more

Sharing EES results

Ron Gray, Tabler Station Site Director, hosted a meeting with his team to share and discuss the Employee Engagement Survey (EES) Results.

This is a very important step for each site to implement as it helps identify areas that require an action plan. Having everyone involved is also key, as it generates more ideas.

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