2022 Safey Initiatives

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Executive Safety Council

Goal is to reduce incidents, injuries, illnesses, and ensure that Logoplaste facilities have the safest and healthiest environment possible for its employees.
The need and purpose of a Safety Council

Kevin Morgan

Global EHS Director

The need and purpose of a Safety Council


 Logoplaste has created an Executive Safety Council, where top leaders focus on global safety standardization to achieve our ultimate goal of zero workplace injuries. The Council addresses topics such as new initiatives, worldwide EHS call with all Plant Managers, Global EHS Policy, KPI’s, monitoring company-wide safety performance, and actively addressing safety focus areas.

The main goal is the safety of our teams, the implementation of standards that are deployed across all sites and reporting uniformity so we can evaluate and compare metrics across the organization.

Objectives include:

  • ZERO incidents are achievable
  • Drive a culture that encourages all employees to work together so that they can go home to their family at the end of the workday the same way they came to work
  • Drive safety related communication throughout the company
  • Implement a systematic approach to identify and correct hazards
  • Promote safe work best practices


Constant awareness to safety topics is the key to keep everyone on the lookout

Toolbox Talks & Safety Photo

Every week, all year round, information is shared worldwide and translated into our official languages. When we share safety tips, procedures, processes and guidelines, training materials, we need to ensure they can be easily understood by all our workforce. This means translating all the materials considering not only the language, but also the culture and local specifications.

For us, it is very important to respect each countries’ traditions as well as communication patterns. One size fits all when it comes to keeping our teams safe, but the manner in which we deliver our message, needs to fit the audience.

Cardinal Rules

Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for

The Cardinal Rules, launched in 2022, are a set of guidelines, deployed worldwide, to ensure every single plant is following the same safety protocols.

Cardinal Rules are here to protect employees as well as all visitors and contractors. They cover actions that have the potential for serious, or life altering, injury. Employees that engage in actions that may violate these rules may be subject to discipline, up to and including termination from the company.


While we cannot anticipate every situation, these rules are designed to drive safe behavior and keep people safe


All employees are expected to understand and adhere to all safety rules and to request assistance in questionable situations. Further, all employees are encouraged to question the safety and environmental performance of all operations and become involved with improving them.

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25 years without a single lost time accident

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