What does it mean to be innovative?

It is seeing the future? Imagining what has not been imagined before?
At Logoplaste we believe it is a combination of both and more. Being innovative means working as team, thinking outside the box, not being afraid of trial and error, and a lot of hard work.

Case Study

Working together with Sovena, our client, has put us on a path to develop materials to make sustainable bottles. The project is called NEWPACK, and who better than Paula Allen, Senior Quality Manager, to describe it.

Márcia Damas

Márcia Damas

PMO Manager, Logoplaste Innovation Lab
Paula Allen

Paula Allen

Senior Quality Manager, Sovena

“Continuing on a path that began three decades ago, Sovena and Logoplaste have joined in a new partnership to create even more sustainable packaging, through the project “NEWPACK, A New Generation of Packaging Materials,” with the collaboration of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA).

The design of this new package represents a step forward in reducing CO2 footprint across packaging systems, delivering a new approach to packaging’s circular economy for food contact."

The main premises are:

1. Use of raw materials from renewable sources, (alternatives to PET), with a composition that, in case of accidental spill into an aquatic environment, are not harmful to fish

2. Active Packaging, produced with natural ingredients, which allows for shelf-life optimization of food products

3. Smart Packaging, using smart inks in the packaging that provide specs on product conservation


For more information on this project please contact Márcia Damas at

You are invited to visit our R&D Collaboration initiatives, also led by Márcia.

Seeing the future is also important when it comes to being on the cutting edge of innovation, leading the way

There is no way around it, you have to dream big

In 2022, Logoplaste played a role in Phase 3 of HolyGrail2.0

20 tons of RPET were turned into smart packaging, with digital watermarks, to conduct a market test to ensure industrial viability. Produced bottles were automatically transformed into bales, that were mixed with other types of packaging. The goal is to see if optical scanners can detect all bottles.

To be viable at industrial scale, codes have to survive the recycling stream — consumer use, disposal, baling, and sorting.

Holy grail

Gian De Belder  Technical Director, R&D Packaging Sustainability at Procter & Gamble

Get an overview on the project and the impact it will have on recycling plastic packaging.

Paulo Correia, Logoplaste’s Chief Technology Officer

Find out what Logoplaste Innovation Lab is up to so we can move from concept to reality.

So far, the prototype sorting systems, equipped with high-resolution cameras, reach 99% accuracy.

The results of Phase 3 will help determine if we can close the loop for home and personal care packaging.

Innovation needs to anchor on facts

You have to understand where you stand so you can take a step forward, otherwise how do you know you are moving in the right direction?

Case Study

Since 2021 Logoplaste Innovation Lab offers a new added value service by becoming a RecyClass Certified Body.

So, what does this mean exactly?

As a a Certified RecyClass Body, Logoplaste Innovation Lab rates the recyclability* of packaging concepts, new and existing, which includes all the components of the package or the semi-finished package, ex: bottle, cap, tubs, lids, labels, etc.

*Recyclability: evaluates the compatibility of plastic packaging with the entire waste management chain, which includes collection, sorting, recycling, and ability of the recycled material of being reused.

Studies are conducted assessing both:

  • Qualitive – A-F class ranking
  • Quantitative - %  assessments can be made

With this new service, Logoplaste Innovation Lab is able to help its clients achieve their recyclability targets faster, ensuring new packaging meets local requirements.

Maria Eugenia Zacarias

Maria Eugenia Zacarias

Raw Material Manager, Logoplaste Innovation Lab
Milena Parnigoni

Milena Parnigoni

Recycling Consultant, Logoplaste Innovation Lab

Available Recyclability Certifications for Europe*. Don’t forget, a package can have one or more certifications

  • Design 4 Recycling
  • Compatibility Letter
  • Evaluation of the Recycling Rate

*To learn more about country specific certifications and usage of the Recyclass logo,  drop us a line


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