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GRI 2021 

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Welcome to our 2021 GRI Sustainability Report where we share our work – our successes, our experiments, and our setbacks. The report is always a source of pride, and an invaluable insight for me. In addition, it helps improve the quality of our products and our work.
Our purpose is to deliver mindful plastic packaging, which means our solutions will always be the best fit for the planet while fulfilling our clients’ expectations and their products’ requirements. Mindful plastic packaging simultaneously exceeds consumer expectations and integrates into existing recycling streams so that it advances the circular economy.
I hope you find our report useful and that you join us in our mission to shape a better, circular, carbon-neutral world.
Gerardo Chiaia

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We are guided by

We are guided by

We are transparent and ethical in all that we do.
We seek what no one has even dreamt of.
We easily adapt to constant change.
We are dedicated to our team, customers, and the environment.
We work and stand together.

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The Marcel de Botton Sustainability Award

A tribute to our founder and his passion for sustainability, this award recognizes the Logoplaste site the made the biggest improvements raw material usage, CO2 emissions reduction, energy efficiency, waste disposal and Health & Safety progress. It is the highest award a Logoplaste site can earn.

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