GRI Sustainability Report 2021

Diversity & Inclusion

Being the place people want to work is our mission in Human Resources

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce by creating an environment of equity, empowerment and belonging.

Case Study

We are present in three continents, have 13 official languages and, 37 nationalities. On top of this, we have a wide range of job functions and multidisciplinary teams with direct and indirect reports. It is an intricate web that works together to deliver the best rigid plastic packaging.

Finding the perfect employee match always starts with Diversity and Inclusion

The strength of our team comes from our diversity. When you embrace the fact that no two people alike and encourage everyone to actively contribute, different ideas, new methods and innovative approaches to our daily routines and challenges happen naturally.

Building and maintaining a diverse, equal culture across Logoplaste isn’t an easy task. To make it happen, we have implemented the following initiatives:

Having the opportunity to make a difference and to contribute

We are committed to seeking feedback and input from our employees.

Respecting the needs and differences of others

Our employees participate in Diversity and Inclusion educational awareness training, which helps us all understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Having equal job opportunities for all employees

Equal job opportunities covers all aspects of employment. We are committed to ensuring we treat all employees with equality, dignity and respect.

Training and development for everyone

Our career development plans ensure we all keep growing and evolving. Career development is key to making our teams feel valued, and giving the opportunity to advance.

At Logoplaste we believe that each of us is unique and that everyone must be equally accepted and respected.


Lisa Hillburn
HR VP Europe & AP

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