GRI Sustainability Report 2021


But nothing could be possible without a focused and driven team

 As a company, it is our responsibility to take care of our people.

Case Study

It is up to Logoplaste to provide an extraordinary work experience for everyone.

A key priority for the company is to create an engaging, inclusive and growth environment for all our employees. People and Human Capital are the basis of our success.

A solid foundation for a growing career

Creating a unified, diverse team, that brings energy and fresh ideas to precision jobs that require attention to detail in an innovative, ever changing environment, is a huge endeavor from our HR teams, our middle and top management and the company as a whole.

From day minus 1 and throughout the entire career path, Logoplaste is focused on its team.

Attract top talent – from industry and market segments

Matchmaking – hire the right attitude: people who care

Communication is key – increased presence on digital and social platforms

Hiring Managers – train and empower so they recognize the perfect fit

Equal opportunities – internally and externally, driven by diversity & inclusion

Showcasing – who we are: visionaries, innovative and sustainable

The wow factor – constantly improve the new hire experience and employee journey

Never let go – Retain new recruits through pre-day-one activities , induction on the first day, orientation during the first week and completing onboarding until the new employee is fully settled in the new role

Culture imprint – Instill corporate values, company purpose and objectives, knowledge sharing, building connections, and compliance processes


The goal is to transform new hires into confident, engaged, proactive team members

Logoplaste Leadership Academy - leadership capabilities training

Training Matrix – focused on operational positions

Business Ethics – 64,4% managers trained

Diversity & inclusion – intense workshop for Executives and HR Information Security Policies & Procedures

Training – for all Code of Conduct - refresher Course for all


Knowledge is power

It has been more than one year since we implemented Achieve, that allows for a transparent performance evaluation.

Objectives are set based on clear and agreed upon goals, there is a mid-year evaluation, an employee self assessment and a final manager review.


Aligning personal expectations with company objectives is key for a successful relation employee/ employer

Career development - career development - design career paths for all employees, link paths with training, pay, and benefits

Succession Management - create clear succession plans for all executive positions

Pay & Benefits – offer competitive pay and benefits in all of the countries in which we operate

Regulatory compliance - ensure that compensation and benefits comply with each country’s regulations.

Third party reviews - an external entity reviews compensation practices annually

Benchmarking - understand internal equity and external competitiveness

Global Guidelines and Policies – ensure compliance with labor and wages regulations across all countries, never compromise fair treatment of employees


External benchmark and performance management help drive pay-for-merit approach.

Logoplaste is committed to seeking input and feedback from our team:

  • Ask the CEO
  • Global Broadcasts
  • Employee Global Climate Survey – conducted every 3 years

Employee Global Climate Survey is an important tool to obtain feedback, via anonymous questionnaires, from everyone worldwide. It provides a company snapshot that is shared internally.

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